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Omicron's files

There are so many things we just don't know about

I am a 29 yr old IT guy working as an Oracle Developer for a insurance firm in Antwerp

I love reading, favorites include: Discworld, Dune, Hyperion, Foundation... My music taste is as diverse as my reading taste, I like pretty much everything (with the exception of that 'I beat that bitch, I shot that fag, and I like to dress like a fashion bomb went off in my closet' type gangsta rap ). My favorites of the moment (which can change at any moment, hence the name): The Calling, Sonata Arctica, The Kooks, Panic At The Disco, Hard-Fi, The Scissor Sisters, Mika, Timbaland, and Classical Music can't be bad either...

I love watching dvds, I have a lot of them.
I love going to the movies, though I tend to heckle the movies while everyone tries to enjoy them, so people don't really like going to the movies with me :(

Writing is another one of my hobbies, while I used to focus on the more serious character driven stories when I was younger I have evolved and I write more action packed stories.

My journal will basically be about my day to day life, my feelings, my friends or work. Not very exciting I know, but until I become the next James Bond, I live a boring life. Oh, and expect the occassional quiz/survey/meme or whatever you want to call those annoying things with graphs and pictures to find out just which power ranger you really are deep inside.

What else is there to talk about?
Well I live in the wonderful Belgium or as most foreign people call it "isn't that the capital of Brussels?".
Meeting new people is always nice, and I do have a large international circle of friends though I could use some more friends in Belgium.
I leave most of my journal public so I don't have a lot to hide, feel free to drop in, leave a comment, have a drink etc.

I am pretty lazy (that's why I work for the government after all) but I will spring to action when needed! Just as long as I can relax afterwards.
People tend to call me indecisive but that's just because I generally just don't care one way or the other. People also call me other stuff but that stuff is usually not suited for publication.

Feel free to add me as a friend as I am a desperately lonely boy who needs all the friends he can get.

You may contact me whenever you like about whatever you like...I welcome any kind of comment, the good, the bad or the ugly.

However, There are a couple of things I don't tolerate in my journal in any way or form and those include but are not limited to stupidity, narrow-mindedness, arrogance and hypocracy, so if you suffer from any of these conditions keep them in check on my journal or get the hell of my lawn, if you don't I have a cure-all for these conditions but they tend to be very painful for the recipient.

All I can add right now is: Enjoy your stay and come again!

I am fluent in French, English and Dutch, so feel free to contact me in any of these languages.

In case you hadn't noticed, English is not my first language, so if I make mistakes, point them out and I will be ever so grateful.

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